What’s the fastest way to get Pregnant

When you are ready to get pregnant, you must be interested in knowing how to get pregnant the fastest way possible. You might have a misconception that it is very easy and you will just conceive ASAP. You will be surprised to know that the chances are one in four that is 25% even if you are a healthy couple. So go through the below-mentioned steps to make things better and know how to get pregnant faster.

See your doctor:

You might end up getting pregnant only if your body is ready for it. Book a preconception check-up with your doctor and know whether your body is in its best shape to conceive or not and if not then, what changes should be made.

No issues can be resolved in a day or two, but the sooner you take care of your health issues, the better it would be for a healthy pregnancy.

Plan for a healthy pregnancy:

Folic acid is very well-known for reducing the risks of birth defects. So, remind yourself of consuming this acid at least a month before trying to conceive.

Other things you can do: Cut out drinking, smoking, drugs, reduce the amount of caffeine intake, and maintain a healthy weight.

Figure out when you ovulate:

Knowing when you ovulate is the key factor to get pregnant easily. A woman ovulates every month. If you know your ovulation cycle, you and your husband can plan to have intercourse at the right time. If you miss your periods, in that case, you should talk to your doctor to know what best can be done.

Have sex at the right time:

Having sex during your most fertile window (2-3 days before ovulation) is the best way to get pregnant. If you are unsure about the most fertile day, try to have intercourse every day for two weeks of your ovulating cycle. This is a good way that is considered great to get a healthy sperm.

Tip: If you know your fertile window and want to try on that day only, you should make it sure that your husband ejaculates at least once before that day otherwise, there might be a possibility of a dead sperm entering your fallopian tubes.

Point to remember: People use a lot of lubricants which can slow down the sperm. So, it’s recommended to use one after consulting your doctor.